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Animal Farm

Complete History of Animal Farm

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Timeline of Animal Farm
Complete History of Animal Farm
The Seven Commandments

Animal Farm History


Animal Farm first began when a pig named Old Major posed the idea to rebel against humans and take over the farm. Three nights later Old Major passed away and left the rebellion up to the remaining animals on the farm. Many nights passed and the animals weren't being fed and they were being treated with cruelty. At this point the animals were fed up with the behaviour from Mr. Jones and they decided that it was time to take over the farm and run it themselves. The pigs were the smarter animlas on the farm so they were in command. Snowball and Napolean were running for farm leader. Snowball could speak extremly well infront of all the animals, Napolean was opposite, his speches were short but very persuasive. Snowball had the animals convinced and he had their vote with the idea of the windmill. Napolean wasn't going to let him win that easily. He raised a pack of dogs and when they were strong enough he used them to rid Snowball from the farm and to terrorize the other animals. With Snowball gone, Napolean was automatically voted the leader. He reconvinced the animals that the windmill idea was his idea all along and that they were going to build it. The animals always worked very hard and at the beginning their food rations were always eaqual. As time went on the amount of food that the others received was becoming less and less and the amount of food that the pigs were receiving was becoming more and more.  Near after the rebellion the animals came up with seven comandments that each animal should always follow.  As time went on Napolean would change the commandments to fit his needs when appropriate.  Becuase the animals were uneducated and ilitterate the pigs could easily convince them that the commandments never changed, and thats the way they always were.  Things were becomg worse and worse for the animals.  The winters were rough and food for all the animals accept the pigs and dogs was very low.  As bad as the living conditions were Napolean had the animals convinced that it is better now then when Mr. Jones was running the farm.  The animals had no say about anything that happened at Animal Farm, and when they did speak up they were killed.  The animals who worked obediently were treated very poorly and were basically forced into work.  As time passed Napolean was becoming more and more like a human.  He was wearing clothes, sleeping in a bed, drinking alcohol, and he even began walking on his hind legs, but still insisted that these things were all allowed in the commandments.  By the end of the book there was one commandment remaining and it read "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others."