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Animal Farm
Help Wanted!!
Timeline of Animal Farm
Complete History of Animal Farm
The Seven Commandments

Napolean, Animal Farm Leader!


Napolean is the leader of animal farm.  He is persuasive and convincing.  If Napolean wants something he will always get it.  The members on the farm are intimidated by his dogs, and they are talked into most of his ideas by a little pig that always follows him, named Squealer.  Squealer is also very good at convincing others to side with him.  When they work together they get exactly what they want.  Not only is Napolean convincing, but he's very lazy and selfish.  He leaves all the work for the animals on the farm to do, and he takes all the food for him and the dogs to eat.  
Even though Napolean is all of these things the animals still listen to him and respect him.  None the less, he's still their leader.